Brand Model Description
Pro-face A1KW1AA209 Power Supply Module (AC100V)
Pro-face AGP3300H-S1-D24-RED-KEY 5.7" Handy Type Panel
Pro-face AGP3300-L1-D24 HMI 5.7" 24VDC (PFXGP3300LAD)
Pro-face AGP3300-T1-D24 Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face AGP3300-T1-D24-FN1M 5.7" Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face AGP3310H-T1-D24 5.7" Handy Type Panel
Pro-face AGP3310-T1-D24 5.7" Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face AGP3400-T1-D24-M Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face AGP3500-T1-AF-FN1M AGP-3500T (flex type)
Pro-face AGP3500-T1-D24-M Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face AGP3600-T1-D24-FN1M AGP-3600T (flex type)
Pro-face AGP3750-T1-D24-M 15" Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face AST3501-T1-D24 Graphic Display Panel(Demo)
Pro-face BASE/B 35x0T Base Board for AGP35x0T
Pro-face BASE-B_PLX930 Base board for PLX930
Pro-face BE-CV1-15MM Cable convert
Pro-face CA3-ADPSEI-01 Siemens COM port Conversion Adapter
Pro-face CA3-ATFALL-01 Installation Fastners
Pro-face CA3-CBL422/5M-01 RS422 Cable, 5M
Pro-face CA3-CBL422-01 RS-422 Cable, 5M, for GP3000
Pro-face CA3-CBLA-01-10M Cable Link Mitsubishi A CPU 10m
Pro-face CA3-CBLA-01-15M Cable Link Mitsubishi A CPU 15m
Pro-face CA3-CBLCBT232-01-15CM Convert Cable RS232 (Com1)
Pro-face CA3-CBLCBT232-01-1M Convert Cable RS232 1M(Com1)
Pro-face CA3-CBLCBT232-01-4M Convert Cable RS232 4M(Com1)
Pro-face CA3-CBLCBT422-01 Cable
Pro-face CA3-CBLFX-01-10M Cable Link MitsubishiFX CPU 10m
Pro-face CA3-CBLFX-01-12M Cable Link MitsubishiFX CPU 12m
Pro-face CA3-CBLFX-01-15M Cable Link MitsubishiFX CPU 15m
Pro-face CA3-CBLFX-01-20M Cable Link MitsubishiFX CPU 20m
Pro-face CA3-CBLFX-01-3M Cable Link Mitsubishi FX CPU 3m
Pro-face CA3-CBLFX-01-5M C/L Mitsubishi FX (PFXZC3CBFX51)
Pro-face CA3-CBLKV422-01-1M Cable Link KV 1m (RS422)
Pro-face CA3-CBLLNKMQ-01-10M Mitsu Q unit link cable 10m
Pro-face CA3-CBLLNKMQ-01-5M Mitsu Q unit link cable 5m.
Pro-face CA3-CBLMPI-01-100M Cable Link MPI CPU 100m
Pro-face CA3-CBLMPI-01-30M Cable Link MPI 30m
Pro-face CA3-CBLMPI-01-5M Cable Link MPI CPU 5m
Pro-face CA3-CBLQ-01-10M Cable Link Mitsubishi Q CPU 10m
Pro-face CA3-CBLQ-01-15M Cable Link Mitsubishi Q CPU15m
Pro-face CA3-CBLQ-01-20M Cable Link Mitsubishi Q CPU 20m
Pro-face CA3-CBLQ-01-3M Cable Link Mitsubishi Q CPU 3m
Pro-face CA3-CBLQ-01-5M Cable Link Mitsubishi Q CPU 5m
Pro-face CA3-CBLQ-01-7.5M Cable Link MitsubishiQ CPU 7.5m
Pro-face CA3-CBLSYS-01-3M Cable Link Omron CPU 3m
Pro-face CA3-CBLSYS-01-5M Cable Link Omron CPU 5m
Pro-face CA3-CBLSYS-01-7.5M Cable Link Omron CPU 7.5m
Pro-face CA3-CFCALL/128MB-01 CF Card 128MB
Pro-face CA3-DFS12-01PCS 12" Protection Sheet (1 PCS)
Pro-face CA4-ADPONL-01 Terminal Adapter RS-422, RS-485
Pro-face CA5-PFSALL/EX-01 Profibus I/F Unit for GP3000
Pro-face CA7-CCLALL/EX-01 CC-Link unit for the GP3000
Pro-face CA8-CANLT-01 CAN open Master Unit for LT3000
Pro-face CA8-CFCALL/2GB-01 CF Card 2GB
Pro-face CA9-USBAMB/5M-01 USB Cable(A-miniB 5m)
Pro-face CD-ROM PRO-CNT01W-P02 CD-ROM ProPB-Win
Pro-face CPU-B_PLX930 CPU board for PLX930
Pro-face CPU-FAN_PS3700 109R0612S413
Pro-face EXM-AMI2HT Ex Module (2ch Analog Input)
Pro-face EXM-AMM3HT Ex Module
Pro-face EXM-DDO16UK Ex Module (16 Points Sink Output)
Pro-face EXM-DRA16RT Ex Module (16 Points Relay Output)
Pro-face FAN2_PS365XA 109P0612H750
Pro-face FC-AGP3000H(SW) Front Cover for XBTGH
Pro-face FFC_GP2300 FFC between power board and LCD
Pro-face FFC_GP25-26 FFC between main-board and LED
Pro-face FN-Y08RL41 I/O Unit
Pro-face FP3710-T42 (SET) Flat Panel, VGA/USB/AC Cable
Pro-face FPC_GP2500S FPC between main baoad and STN
Pro-face FPC_GP2600T FPC between Control Board and LCB
Pro-face FP-US00 USB Connection Cable (Flat Panel)
Pro-face FS_3400 Front sheet for AGP3400
Pro-face FS_3500LS Front Sheet for AGP3500L_S
Pro-face FS_35x0T Front Sheet for AGP35x0T
Pro-face FS_36x0T Front Sheet for AGP36x0T
Pro-face FS_AGP3000H Front Sheet for AGP3000H
Pro-face FS_AST3300 Front Sheet for AST3300
Pro-face FS_FP3700 DC/AC Inver for PS/FP/GP3700
Pro-face FS_GLC2500 Front Sheet for GLC2500
Pro-face FS_GP2300 Front Sheet for GP2300
Pro-face FS_GP2400 Front Sheet for GP2400
Pro-face FS_GP2500 Front Sheet for GP2500
Pro-face FS_PL5900 Front Sheet for PL5900
Pro-face GLC150_FRONT_ASSY Touch Panel Assy for GLC150
Pro-face GLC150-BG41-ADPK-24V Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face GLC150-BG41-ADTK-24V Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face GLC150-SC41-ADPK-24V Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face GLC150-SC41-ADTK-24V Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face GP070-AT01 Installation Fastners,4/SET for
Pro-face GP070-CN10-O GPx70 Series Install.Fittings
Pro-face GP070-PF11 Profibus-DP I/F Unit
Pro-face GP2000-CBLQ/5M-01 Cable Link MITSUBISHI Q (5M)
Pro-face GP2000H-AP422 RS-422 Adaptor
Pro-face GP2000-VM41 Video Mix Unit of Pro-face
Pro-face GP2401H-TC41-24V 5.7" Handy Type Panel
Pro-face GP2600-TC41-24V 12.1" Touch Panel (24 VDC)
Pro-face GP3000H-CBLSD-3M Soft cable with connecter (3m)
Pro-face GP3000-VM01 VM Unit for AGP3000
Pro-face GP3300 STAND STAND for GP3300
Pro-face GP3400 STAND STAND for GP3400
Pro-face GP3500 STAND STAND for GP3500
Pro-face GP3600 STAND STAND for GP3600
Pro-face GP3700 STAND STAND for GP3700
Pro-face GP370-DC11 Heavy Duty Protective Cover for GP370
Pro-face GP377-GP4000M-AT00 Panel Cutout Adapter
Pro-face GP377-SC11-24V Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face GP37W2_FRONT_ASSY Touch PanelAssy for GP37W2
Pro-face GP43_4401 IO BOARD With Connector bracket
Pro-face GP4301TADW FRONT ASSY Front Bezel, Touch Panel
Pro-face GP4301TADW MAIN BOARD With Mac address
Pro-face GP430XTAD FRONT ASSY Front Bezel,Touch panel
Pro-face GP440XTAD FRONT ASSY Front Bezel Touch panel
Pro-face GP45_4601 IO BOARD I/O Board for GP4501TXA
Pro-face GP45_4601 IO BOARD I/F Board for GP4501TXA
Pro-face GP4501TADW FRONT ASSY Front Assy for GP4501TADW
Pro-face GP4501TADW MAIN BOARD Main Board for GP4501TADW
Pro-face GP450XTAX FRONT ASSY Front Assy for GP4501TAA
Pro-face GP460XTAX FRONT ASSY Front Assy for GP4601TAA
Pro-face GP577RT-BL00-MS Back Light for GP577RT/GP2500T
Pro-face GPW-CB03 Download Cable for GP2000 (USB)
Pro-face GPW-CB03 (KPT) Download Cable for GP2000 (USB)
Pro-face GPW-CB03_DEMO(KPT) Download Cable GP2000 (DEMO)
Pro-face IV_3500S DC/AC Inverter for XBTGT5230
Pro-face IV_3500S-M Coated DC/AC Inverter for AGP3500S
Pro-face IV_35x0T DC/AC Inverter for XBTGT53x0
Pro-face IV_35x0T-M Coated DC/AC Inverter for AGP35x0T
Pro-face IV_36x0T 12"FP CCFT inverter
Pro-face IV_36X0T DC/AC Inverter for AGP36X0T
Pro-face IV_36x0T-M Coated DC/AC Inverter for AGP36x0T
Pro-face IV_3700 DC/AC Inverter for PS/FP/AGP3700
Pro-face IV_GP2500 DC/AC inverter for GP2500
Pro-face IV_GP2500 DC/AC Inveter for GP2500
Pro-face IV_GP2500-M Coated DC/AC inverter for GP2500
Pro-face IV_GP2600 DC/AC lnverter for GP2600 (SHARP)
Pro-face IV_GP2600_TMD DC/AC Inverter for GP2600(TMD)
Pro-face KL3224AST-FW LCD Panel for GP230L/250L/270L
Pro-face KPT-CB4AIF3-05 GP4000 to A1SJ71UC24-R4,RS422,5M
Pro-face KPT-CB4MIT2P-05 GP4000 to Mitsu 2 Port,RS422,5M
Pro-face KPT-CB4MOD-03 GP4000 to Modbus, RS485, 2wire, 3m
Pro-face KPT-CB4PANADB9-03 GP4000 To Panasonic RS232, 3M
Pro-face KPT-CB4QIF1-05 GP4000 to Mitsu QJ71C24,RS422,5M
Pro-face KPT-CB4QIF1-40 GP4000 to Mitsu QJ71C24,RS422,40M
Pro-face KPT-CB4SMNS7-03 GP2000 to Siemens S7 MPI,3M
Pro-face KPT-CB4TWD-03 GP4000 to TWD LMDA,com2,3M
Pro-face KPT-CB4TWD-05 GP4000 to TWD LMDA,com2,5M
Pro-face KPT-CB4TWD-10 GP4000 to TWD LMDA,com2,10M
Pro-face KPT-CB4TWD-15 GP4000 to TWD LMDA,com2,15M
Pro-face KPT-CB4TWD-30 GP4000 to TWD LMDA,com2,30M
Pro-face KPT-CBGP4000-3M Cable PLC GP4000 RS485 3m
Pro-face KPT-CBWNTMITQ-10M Weintek to Mitsu Q CPU, 10m
Pro-face KPT-DEMO-BOX-PRF-01 10.4 inch PFXGP4501TADW
Pro-face KPT-DEMO-BOX-PRF-02 5.7 inch PFXGP4301TADW
Pro-face KPT-DEMO-BOX-PRF-03 3.5 inch LM4201TADDK
Pro-face KPT-DEMO-BOX-PRF-04 3.5 inch LM4201TADDC
Pro-face KS3224ASTT-FW-X9 LCD Display for GP377L
Pro-face LED_AGP3600 LED-Board for AGP3600 (Rev.5)
Pro-face LJ64HB34 High Bright EL Display for GP450/GP470
Pro-face LQ057Q3DC01 Color TFT Display for GP377R/GP2300T
Pro-face LQ104V1DG21 TFT Display for GP250/57*
Pro-face LQ104V1DG21-M Coated TFT Display for GP2500/57*
Pro-face LSUBL6371A LCD Display(BLUE) for GP37W2
Pro-face LT3300-T1-D24-C Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face M/B GP2300T Control board for GP/GLC2300
Pro-face M3-012270-01 Front Sheet for GP270L (Digi Ver.)
Pro-face M3-A00228-01 Front Sheet
Pro-face MB_AGP3300HS Main board for AGP3300HS
Pro-face MB_AST3400 Main Board for AST3401 MB_AST3400
Pro-face MDG579TT00-01 LCD Display
Pro-face Module Convert VGA Converter FP3700 to FP5700
Pro-face PB_35-36_DC Power Module for AGP35/36 (DC24V)
Pro-face PB_APL3000_AC Power module for PLX930
Pro-face PB_APL3000_AC AC_Power module for APL3000
Pro-face PB_AST3400 Power Board for AST3400
Pro-face PB_GP25-26_AC100-240 Power Module for GP2000
Pro-face PB_GP25-26_DC24V Power Module for GP2000(DC24V)
Pro-face PFXEXEDV10 Software for GP3000 series
Pro-face PFXEXEDV11 Pro EX V1.10 Screen Editor Software
Pro-face PFXEXEDV22 GP-Pro Ex V2.2 Screen Editor Software
Pro-face PFXEXEDV26 GP-Pro Ex V2.6 Screen Editor Software
Pro-face PFXEXEDV40(Pro) GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0 (Promotion)
Pro-face PFXEXGRPLS4010 GP-Pro EX Ver.4.0 Editor Group
Pro-face PFXEXRHCLS Pro-face Remote HMI Client for Win
Pro-face PFXEXRHSLS Pro-face Remote HMI Server software
Pro-face PFXEXSDVV13 Pro-Server EX Ver.1.3 Develop
Pro-face PFXEXSRLS Pro-Server EX Runtime (EX-SRT-LICENSE)
Pro-face PFXEXWGIP WinGP (for Pro-face IPC series)
Pro-face PFXEXWGPC USB License key WinGP on PC.
Pro-face PFXFP3710T2AU Flat Panel
Pro-face PFXFP5600TPD 12"Industrial Flat Panel
Pro-face PFXFP5600TPD(SET) 12" Flat Panel with Adapter
Pro-face PFXFP5700TPD 15"Industrial Flat Panel
Pro-face PFXFP5700TPD-S 15"Industrial Flat Panel (Set)
Pro-face PFXGLC150BDA1 Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face PFXGLC150BDA2 Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face PFXGLC150BDC Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face PFXGLC150SDA1 Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face PFXGM4201TAD 3.5" Modular Touch Panel (24 VDC)
Pro-face PFXGM4301TAD 5.7" Modular Touch Panel (24 VDC)
Pro-face PFXGM4B01D GP4000M modular type (24 VDC)
Pro-face PFXGP2301SD Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3200AAD 3.8" Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3200AAD (Demo) Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3200TAD Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3300HLADR 5.7" Handy Type Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3300HLADRK Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3300HSADR Handy Panel (AGP3300H-S1-D24-RED)
Pro-face PFXGP3300LADC Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3300SADDC Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3300TADFN 5.7" Touch Panel(Flex type) 24VDC
Pro-face PFXGP3310HTADR 5.7" Handy Type Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP3400SAD Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3500SAD Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3510TAACA 10.4”TFT,CANopen Master,100-240AC
Pro-face PFXGP3550TAA (Demo) Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3600TAD Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP3750TAD 15" Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXGP4104G1D 3.4” Touch Pane (Ethernet)(G,R,O)
Pro-face PFXGP4104W1D 3.4” Touch Pane (Ethernet)(W,R,P)
Pro-face PFXGP4105G1D 3.4” Touch Panel (RS232)(G,R,O)
Pro-face PFXGP4105W1D 3.4” Touch Panel (RS232)(W,R,P)
Pro-face PFXGP4106G1D 3.4” Touch Panel (RS422/485)(G,R,O)
Pro-face PFXGP4106W1D 3.4” Touch Panel (RS422/485)(W,R,P)
Pro-face PFXGP4107G1D 3.4” Touch Panel (RS485/MPI)(G,R,O)
Pro-face PFXGP4107W1D 3.4” Touch Panel (RS485/MPI)(W,R,P)
Pro-face PFXGP4114T2D 4.3" W Touch Panel (LAN) (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4115T2D 4.3” W Touch Panel (RS232) (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4116T2D 4.3" W Touch Panel (RS422/485) (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4201TAD 3.5" TFT Analog Touch Panel
Pro-face PFXGP4201TADW 3.5" TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4203TAD 3.5" TFT Analog Touch Panel
Pro-face PFXGP4301TAD 5.7" TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4301TADC 5.7" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4301TADW 5.7" Touch Panel (24 VDC)
Pro-face PFXGP4301TADWC 5.7" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4301TADW-S 5.7" Touch Panel (24 VDC) (SET)
Pro-face PFXGP4303TAD 5.7" Touch Panel (Isolated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4311HTADER Handheld model 5.7" TFT, DC24V
Pro-face PFXGP4311HTADERK Handheld model 5.7" TFT, DC24V
Pro-face PFXGP4401TAD 7.5" TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4401TADF0C 7.5" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4401WADW 7" W Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4402WADW 7" W TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TAA 10.4" TFT Analog Touch Panel (AC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TAA+BE-CL1-2M 10.4"+Convert RS422
Pro-face PFXGP4501TAAC 10.4" Touch Panel (Coated)(AC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TAD 10.4" TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TADC 10.4" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TADW 10.4" Touch Panel (24 VDC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TADW+BE-CL1-2M 10.4"+Convert RS422
Pro-face PFXGP4501TMA 10.4" TFT Matrix Touch Panel (AC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TMD 10.4" TFT Matrix Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4501TMDF0C 10.4" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4502WADW 10" W TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4503TAD HMI 10.4" TFT Analog Isolated (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4521TAD HMI 10.4" TFT Analog (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TAA 12.1" TFT Analog Touch Panel (AC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TAAC 12.1" Touch Panel (Coated)(AC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TAD 12.1" TFT Analog Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TADC 12.1" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TMA 12.1" TFT Matrix Touch Panel (AC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TMD 12.1" TFT Matrix Touch Panel (DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4601TMDF0C 12.1" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4603TAD 12.1" Touch Panel (24VDC)
Pro-face PFXGP4621TADC 12.1" Touch Panel (Coated)(DC)
Pro-face PFXGP4G01DNWLS Pro-face IIOT Box
Pro-face PFXHTB1C0DM9LP CANopen Slave HTB Unit
Pro-face PFXLM4201TADAC 3.5" Logic Panel& Analog(Source)
Pro-face PFXLM4201TADAK 3.5" Logic Panel& Analog (Sink)
Pro-face PFXLM4201TADDC 3.5" Logic Panel (Source)
Pro-face PFXLM4201TADDK 3.5" Logic Panel (Sink)
Pro-face PFXLM4301TADAC 5.7" Logic Panel& Analog(Source)
Pro-face PFXLM4301TADAK 5.7" Logic Panel& Analog (Sink)
Pro-face PFXLM4301TADDC 5.7" Logic Panel (Source)
Pro-face PFXLM4301TADDK 5.7" Logic Panel (Sink)
Pro-face PFXLM4B01DDC LM4B Digital 20In/10 Out (Source)
Pro-face PFXLM4B01DDK LM4B Digital 20In/10 Out (Sink)
Pro-face PFXLT3201AADK 3.8” Touch Panel(LT3201-A1-D24-K)
Pro-face PFXLT3300TADK Graphic Logic Controller
Pro-face PFXLT3301LADK Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXPB1B1CD23K04N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPB1B5CB40K10N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPB1BACD43K04N00 Industrial Computer
Pro-face PFXPEBBD42DNN1 IPC PE4000B, Box Type Atom N2600
Pro-face PFXPP160DD13P00N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPP161DA11G00N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPP161EA86P10N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPP16ADA53P20N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPP170CA25K00N00 IPC 15"
Pro-face PFXPP171CB25K00N00 IPC 15" P8400, 2.26GHz
Pro-face PFXPP171CD40K10N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPP182CA23K14N00 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPP27J7D84J5NN00 IPC 15" Core i7, WES7, 64bit
Pro-face PFXPP27W7D86J5NN00 IPC15",i7,Win7,Ulti,64bit,MUI
Pro-face PFXPP27XWDA8K0NN00 Core i7,15",Win 8.1,HDD 1TB
Pro-face PFXPP2JKWD86L6AN00 Core i7,15" FWXGA,Ram 8GB
Pro-face PFXPP2JKWD86L6NN00 Core i7,15" FWXGA,Ram 8GB
Pro-face PFXPP2LTFD86J0NN00 IPC 19"Core i7,Win7,64bit
Pro-face PFXPS2HN3D88F0NN00 Slim panel Core i3 W15"
Pro-face PFXPS36N3AZB72R Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPT17ACA23K14N00 15" Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PFXPU26C7D40J0JN00 IPC 12" Celeron Ram 4GB
Pro-face PFXPU26C7D46J0JN00 Dis.12 CPU Celeron Memo 4GB
Pro-face PFXPU27CCA43J6NN00 IPC 15" Celeron, Ram 4GB
Pro-face PFXRPZ0CBL04301TW Single parts
Pro-face PFXRPZ0CBL045TADW LCD harness(AUO)for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0CRB045_46C Core Board for GP4501TXAC
Pro-face PFXRPZ0CRB045TADW Core Board for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0CRB245_46 Core Board for GP4501TXA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0CRB245TADW Core Board for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0IFB043_44C Connector bracket Coating model
Pro-face PFXRPZ0IFB043_44X With Connector bracket
Pro-face PFXRPZ0IFB045_4601 I/F Board for GP4501TXA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0IFB045_461C I/F Board for GP4501TXAC
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD04301TW LCD+EMI super+Insulating sheet
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD0430XT TFT+EMI super
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD0430XTC TFT+EMI super(Coated model)
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD04401W LCD for GP4401W
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD0440XT LCD+EMI super+Insulating sheet
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD0450XT LCD for GP4501TXA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LCD04601TA LCD for GP4601TAA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0LDB045_46 LED PCB for GP450X 460X
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB043_44X With Mac address
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB04301TW With Mac address
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB04401W Main Board for GP4401W
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB0450XTAX Main Board for GP4501TAA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB045TADW Main Board for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB0460XTAX Main Board for GP4601TAA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB143_44X GP43_44 MIN BOARD Mem 256
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB14301TW Main board GP4301TADW mem256
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB1450XTMX Main board for GP45xTM
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB145TADW Main board for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB243_44X Main Board GP43 44 HMIGTO4310
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB24301TW Main Board for GP4301TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB2450XTAX Main Board for GP4501TAA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0MNB245TADW Main board for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0PBA145_46A Power PCB for GP4501TXA(Type2)
Pro-face PFXRPZ0PBD145_46D Power PCB for GP4501TXD(Rev.E)
Pro-face PFXRPZ0PBD245_46D Power PCB for GP4501TXAC(Type2)
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA04301TW Front Bezel, Touch panel
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA0430XT Front Bezel,Touch panel,Overlay
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA0440XT Front Bezel,Touch panel,Overlay
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA0450XTAX Front Assy for GP4501TAA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA045TADW Front Assy for GP4501TADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA0460XTAX Front Assy for GP4601TAA
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA0SP5600T Front Assy SP5600TPD
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA14301TW FrontBezel,Touch Panel,Overlay
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA14401W Touch Panel Assembly GP4401WADW
Pro-face PFXRPZ0TPA1460XTMX Front Assy for GP4601TMD
Pro-face PFXRPZ1FAN0PLX930 X930 Power supply-FAN & Plate
Pro-face PFXRPZ1FAN0PLX930C X930 CPU-FAN, Heat sink
Pro-face PFXRPZ1RCA0GP2000H R-Rear cover ASSY for GP2X00H
Pro-face PFXRPZ1TFT0GP36T TFT Display Assy AGP36T(Rev.5)
Pro-face PFXRPZ1TPA0GP230XH Front cover for GP2400H
Pro-face PFXRPZ1TPA0GP240XH Front cover for GP2400H
Pro-face PFXRPZ1TPA0GP47711 Touch Panel ASSY for GP477
Pro-face PFXRPZ1TPA0GP47741 Touch Panel ASSY for GP477(CE)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2DIM0PS371XA DIMM Memory(Pen4 512MB)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2DIM1PS371XA DIMM Memory for PS370x
Pro-face PFXRPZ2DIM2PS371XA DIMM Memory PS3710Pen4 1024MB
Pro-face PFXRPZ2EL00GP477RE High Bright EL Display
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FAN0PS365X2 FAN unit for PS365XA
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FAN0PS370XA 109R0612S413
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FAN0PS371XA PS3710A-FAN02A
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FAN1AP3000B PTX-FAN01*
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FAN1PS370XA 109P0412H601-PS37
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FFC0GP230XX FFC power board & LCD GP2300
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FFC0GP250XX FFC between main-board
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FPC0AGP35TX TFT-FPC for for AGP3500
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FPC0GP240XT FPC main board & TFT GP2400T
Pro-face PFXRPZ2FPC0GP260XT FPC between Control board&LCD
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG3500S DC/AC Inverter for XBTGT5230
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG350SM Coated DC/AC InverterAGP3500S
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG35X0M Coated DC/AC InverterAGP35x0T
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG35X0T DC/AC Inverter for XBTGT53x0
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG3600T 12"FP CCFT inverter
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG36X0M Coated DC/AC InverterAGP36x0T
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0AG3700T DC/AC Inverter PS/FP/GP3700
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0GP250XX DC/AC Inverter for GP2500
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV0GP260XT DC/AC Inverter GP2600 (SHARP)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV1GL2500T Coated DC/AC Inverter GP2500
Pro-face PFXRPZ2INV1GP200XT DC/AC Inverter GP2600 (TMD)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2LCD0AG3302B R-LCD display (Blue) AGP3302B
Pro-face PFXRPZ2LCD0AG330XL R-LCD display for AGP330XL
Pro-face PFXRPZ2LCD0AG330XM Coated R-LCD display AGP330XL
Pro-face PFXRPZ2LCD0GP230XX R-LCD display for GP230XL
Pro-face PFXRPZ2LCD0LT3201A LCD Display for AST32*1
Pro-face PFXRPZ2LCD1GP37W2B LCD Display(BLUE) for GP37W2
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PBA0AG3500X Power Module for GP2000 (AC)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PBD0AG3500X Power Module for AGP35/36 DC
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PBD0AG3750T R-Power board for AGP3750TD
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSA0AP3000B   Power module for PLX930
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSA0FP3710X AC_Power module for FP3710K
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSA0PLX920X Power Module for PL*920
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSA0PS371XA R-Power board for PS3711(AC)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSD0AP3000B DC_Power module for APL3000
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSD0GP230XX R-Power board for GP230XT
Pro-face PFXRPZ2PSD1PS371XA R-Power board PS370x (DC12V)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2STN0AG330HS Display Device for AGP3300HS
Pro-face PFXRPZ2STN0AG330XS R-STN display for AGP330XS
Pro-face PFXRPZ2STN0AG3400S STN Display for AGP3400S
Pro-face PFXRPZ2STN0AG3500S STN Display for GP2501S
Pro-face PFXRPZ2STN0GL150SC STN Display for GLC150-SC**
Pro-face PFXRPZ2STN0GP230XX R-STN display for GP230XS
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0AG330XT R-TFT display for AGP330XT
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0AG3310T TFT5.7VGA for AGP3310,3360
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0AG3600T TFT Display AGP36T/GP26T(TMD)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0AG3700T TFT Display for PS_FP_AGP3700
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0AP3700K TFT Display for PS371XA-T42
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0GP230XX R-TFT display for GP230XT
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0GP240HT TFT Display for GP2401HT
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0GP240XT TFT Display for GP2400
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0GP250XX TFT Display for GP2500/57*
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT0PS365X2 TFT for PS365xA-T42
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT1AG3500M CoatedTFT DisplayAGP3500T_Re2
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT1AG3500T TFT Display AGP3500T(Rev.2-)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT1AP3600X TFT Display for APL3600
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TFT1AP3700K TFT Display PS371XA-T42(Rev.5)
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AG330XX Coated R-LCD display AGP330XL
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AG3400X Touch Panel for XBTGT4000
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AG35X0T Touch panel for XBTGT53x0
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AG35X0X Touch panel for XBTGT5230
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AG3600T TP3244S5F0
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AG3750T TP3220S4F0
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AP3700K TP3220S5F0
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AS3301B Touch Panel for AST3300
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AS3401T Touch panel for AST3400
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00AS3501X Touch panel AST3500
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00GP230XX Touch Panel for GP2300
Pro-face PFXRPZ2TP00GP2500X Touch Panel for GP2500
Pro-face PFXRPZ3BSB0AG3300M R-Base board AGP3300 (Coated)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3BSB0AG34X0M Coated R-Base board AGP34X0
Pro-face PFXRPZ3BSB0AG34X0X R-Base board for AGP34X0
Pro-face PFXRPZ3BSB0AG3500S R-Base board for AGP3500S
Pro-face PFXRPZ3BSB0AGP3300 R-Base board for AGP3300(64M)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3CRB0AG3X00M R-Core board AGP3X00 (Coated)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3CRB0AG3X00X Core Board for XBTGTxx30
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0AG330HS Main board for AGP3300HS
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0AG35X0M Coated R-Main board AGP35X0T
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0AG35X0T R-Main board for AGP35X0T
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0APL3000 Main board for APL3000
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0AS3301B Mainboard for AST3300(Rev.D)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0AST350T Main Board for AST3500T
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GL2400T R-Main board for GLC2400
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP2401T R-Main board for GP2401
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP240HT R-Main board for GP2401HT
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP2500T R-Main board for GP2500 (AC)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP2500X R-Main board for GP2500 (DC)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP2501X R-Main board for GP2501(AC)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP2600T R-Main board for GP2600 (AC)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0GP477RE R-Main board for GP477RE
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB0PS371XA Main board for PS3710A-T42
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB1GP2600T R-Main board for GP2600T (DC
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB1PS345XA Main Board forPS345X(DCmodel)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB2PS370XA R-CPU board for PS3700A(Pen4)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB2PS3711A Main board for PS3711A-T41
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB3PS365X2 SMART RAS-board PS3651A-T42
Pro-face PFXRPZ3MNB5PS365X2 COMPACT RAS-board PS3650A-T42
Pro-face PFXRPZ3PBD0AG3400S R-Power board for AGP3400S
Pro-face PFXRPZ3PBD0AST3400 Power board for AST3400
Pro-face PFXRPZ3PBD0GP230XX R-Power board for GP230XL
Pro-face PFXRPZ3PBD1AS3301T Power board for AST3301S(Rev)
Pro-face PFXRPZ3PBD1GP230XX R-Power board for GP230XS
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FCV0FP3500T Front Cover for FP3500
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AG330XX Front Sheet for LT330X
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AG3400X Front sheet for AGP3400
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AG3500X Front Sheet for AGP3500L_S
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AG35X0T Front Sheet for AGP35x0T
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AG36X0T Front Sheet for AGP36x0T
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AG3750T Front sheet for FP37/AGP37
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AS3301B Front Sheet for AST3300
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AS3401T Front Sheet for AST3400
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0AS3501X Front Sheet for AST3500
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0FP2500T Front sheet for FP2500
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0FP3500T Front Sheet for FP3500
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0GP230XX Front sheet for GP2300
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0PS365XA Front sheet for PS365*A
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0PS370XA Front sheet for PS370x
Pro-face PFXRPZ4FST0PS371XA Front sheet for PS371x
Pro-face PFXRPZ4GSK0AG3000H Gasket Front for AGP3000H
Pro-face PFXRPZ4GSK1AG3000H Gasket Rear Grip for AGP3000H
Pro-face PFXRPZ4RCV0AG3300H Rear Cover AGP3000H (Non-Key)
Pro-face PFXRPZ4RCV0FP3500T Rear Cover for FP3500
Pro-face PFXRPZ4RCV1AG3300H Rear Cover for XBTGH
Pro-face PFXRPZ4RCV4AGP33XH Rear Grip for AGP3000H
Pro-face PFXRPZ4TPB0GP2501X Touch panel frame GP2500-SC41
Pro-face PFXRPZGSK0GP43HXX0 Gasket set for GP4300Hx
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP230XT Touch panel Assy GP2300 series
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP2501S Touch panel Assy for GP2500L/S
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP250XT Touch panel Assy for GP2500T
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP330XT Touch panel Assy GP3300 series
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP340XT Touch panel Assy AGP3400 series
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP3500T Touch panel Assy for GP3500T
Pro-face PFXRPZRTPA0GP3600T AGP3600T Front Assy(to Rev.4)
Pro-face PFXRPZTPA0GP43HXK0 Touch panel Assy GP4311HTADxx
Pro-face PFXSP5400WAD 7.0" Advanced Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5400WAD(PB) PFXSP5400WAD + PFXSP5B10
Pro-face PFXSP5500TPD 10.4" Premium Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5500TPD(OB) PFXSP5500TPD + PFXSP5B41
Pro-face PFXSP5500TPD(PB) PFXSP5500TPD + PFXSP5B10
Pro-face PFXSP5500WAD 10.1" Advanced Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5500WAD(PB) PFXSP5500WAD + PFXSP5B10
Pro-face PFXSP5600TPD 12.1" Premium Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5600TPD(OB) PFXSP5600TPD + PFXSP5B41
Pro-face PFXSP5600TPD(PB) PFXSP5600TPD + PFXSP5B10
Pro-face PFXSP5600WAD 12.1" Advanced Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5600WAD(PB) PFXSP5600WAD + PFXSP5B10
Pro-face PFXSP5600WADF0C 12.1" Advanced Display (Coated)
Pro-face PFXSP5700TPD 15" Premium Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5700TPD(OB) PFXSP5700TPD + PFXSP5B41
Pro-face PFXSP5700TPD(PB) PFXSP5700TPD + PFXSP5B10
Pro-face PFXSP5700TPDF0C 15" Premium Display (Coated)
Pro-face PFXSP5800WCD 19" Wide Premium Display SP5000
Pro-face PFXSP5B10 Power Box for SP5000 Series
Pro-face PFXSP5B10F0C Power Box for SP5000 (Coated)
Pro-face PFXSP5B40 Open Box for SP5000 Series
Pro-face PFXSP5B41 Open Box for SP5000 Series
Pro-face PFXSPIDER8TXPRO Industrial HUB
Pro-face PFXST3201AAD Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face PFXXM4200TP Display Modular type, 3.5-inch
Pro-face PFXXM4300TP 5.7" LT4000M/GP4000M Display Module
Pro-face PFXZC0CBC251 RS-232C Cable 5m. (FP61V-IS00-O)
Pro-face PFXZC0CBDV51 DVI-D CABLE, 5m (FP-DV01-50)
Pro-face PFXZC0CBRG451 Cable 4.5M (FP-CV02-45) new
Pro-face PFXZC1STL1 Desktop Stand (CA1-STDLRG-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3ADCM1 Adapter(CA3-ADPCOM-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3ADISR21 RS-232C Isolation Unit
Pro-face PFXZC3ADISR81 RS-422/485 Isolation Unit
Pro-face PFXZC3ADR41 Connector Adapter (CA3-ADPTRM-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3BL121 12.1"TFT Backlight for GP3000
Pro-face PFXZC3BL151 15"TFT Replacement Backlight
Pro-face PFXZC3CBA51 Cable Link Mitsubishi A(CA3-CBLA-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3CBCVR21 Cable convert 9-pin to 25-pin
Pro-face PFXZC3CBFX11 Mitsu.PLC FX-Series Cable
Pro-face PFXZC3CBFX51 Cable Link Mitsubishi FX CPU(5m)
Pro-face PFXZC3CBMD1 2-port Adapter Cable, for GP3000
Pro-face PFXZC3CBQ51 (CA3-CBLQ-01) Mit. Q Connection
Pro-face PFXZC3CBQL51 (CA3-CBLLNKMQ-01) Mit. Q-Link (5m)
Pro-face PFXZC3CBR251 RS-232C Cable, 5M(CA3-CBL232/5M-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3CBR451 Cable (CA3-CBL422/5M-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3CBR452 Cable (CA3-CBL422-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3CBSY51 Omron PLC SYSMAC Link Cable 5m
Pro-face PFXZC3CBSYS51 Omron Communication Link Cable, 5M
Pro-face PFXZC3CBUSA1 USB Transfer Cable (CA3-USBCB-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3CF2561 CF Card 256MB (CA3-CFCALL/256MB-01)
Pro-face PFXZC3CF5121 CF Card 512MB
Pro-face PFXZC3DS121 12" Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZC3DS121PC 12" Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC3DS151 15" Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZC3DS151PC 15" Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC3DS61 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZC3DS61PC 5.7" Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC3WG151 InstallationGasket forGP3000&PS3700
Pro-face PFXZC4ADCM1 Adapter (CA4-ADPONL-01)
Pro-face PFXZC4AT101 Panel Cutout Adapter
Pro-face PFXZC4AT61 Panel Cutout Adapter (GP37W* to AGP)
Pro-face PFXZC5CBUBEX1 USB A Front Cable(CA5-USBEXT-01)
Pro-face PFXZC5DS101 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZC5DS101PC Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC6BL101 10.4" Backlight (CA6-BLU10T-02)
Pro-face PFXZC6CBCVUSR21 USB-SIO (RS232C) Convert Cable
Pro-face PFXZC6CBTTY51 TTY Converter cable Siemens S5
Pro-face PFXZC6DS41 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZC6DS41PC Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC7CBCVRG51 RGB Converter Cable (5m)
Pro-face PFXZC7CNXY321 DIO Connector for 5.7 Inch
Pro-face PFXZC7DS121 12.1" Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZC7DS121PC 12.1" Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC9CBFX11 Mitsubishi PLC FX-Series Cable (1m)
Pro-face PFXZC9CBFX51 Cable (ZC9CBFX51)
Pro-face PFXZC9CBQ31 Cable (ZC9CBQ31)
Pro-face PFXZC9DS31 Screen Protection Sheet (SET)
Pro-face PFXZC9DS31PCS Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZC9USCBMB1 USB Transfer Cable (USB A/mini-B)
Pro-face PFXZC9USEXMB1 USB Panel Extension Cable (mini-B)
Pro-face PFXZCBADTM1 Interface Cable
Pro-face PFXZCBAF1 Used to install GP into panel (4 PCS)
Pro-face PFXZCBBT1 Replacement Battery
Pro-face PFXZCBCBCVR41 Connects a Standard RS-422 Cable
Pro-face PFXZCBCBCVR41-15CM Convert Cable RS422 (Com2)
Pro-face PFXZCBCBCVUSR41 Adapter USB to RS422/485
Pro-face PFXZCBCBMD1 Cable to Mitsubishi 2 port adapterII
Pro-face PFXZCBCBML1 Cable for multi-link (N
Pro-face PFXZCBCLUSA1 USB Cable Clamp (USB-A)
Pro-face PFXZCBCNDC1 Connector DC supply straight (5 pcs)
Pro-face PFXZCBCNDC1PC Connector DC supply straight (PCS)
Pro-face PFXZCBCNDC2 Connector DC supply angle (5 pcs)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS101 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS101PC Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS61 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS61PC Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS71 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS71PC Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS72 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZCBDS72PC Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZCBOP101 Resistant Cover for 10.4 inch
Pro-face PFXZCBOP71 Resistant Cover for 7.0/7.5 inch
Pro-face PFXZCBSD4GC41 SD Memory Card (4GB, CLASS4)
Pro-face PFXZCCEUKB1 EZ Numpad
Pro-face PFXZCCEUSG1 EZ Illuminated Switch
Pro-face PFXZCCEUSS1 Fingerprint unit connected HMI
Pro-face PFXZCDADEXP1 Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box)
Pro-face PFXZCDDS72 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZCETWHA1 EZ Tower Light tube mounting
Pro-face PFXZCETWW1 EZ Tower Light base mounting
Pro-face PFXZCFUV43 UV Protection Sheet
Pro-face PFXZCGEUUE1 USB option (Add a LAN port)
Pro-face PFXZFNAD2 Flex Network 2-CH A/D (FN-AD02AH41)
Pro-face PFXZFNX32TS Flex Network 32-Point Input
Pro-face PFXZFNXY16K Flex Network16-Point Input
Pro-face PFXZGMCNDC1 Connector DC power supply(5 pcs/set)
Pro-face PFXZGPADCM3H1 Adapter for GP3000H
Pro-face PFXZGPADMD1 2 port Adapter (GP070-MD11)
Pro-face PFXZGPADR22H Cable (GP2000H-AP232)
Pro-face PFXZGPBL101 Backlight for GP2500S
Pro-face PFXZGPBL102 Back Light
Pro-face PFXZGPCB2HR2102 RS-232C Cable With D-sub 10m.
Pro-face PFXZGPCB2HR4101 RS-422 Cable (GP2000H-C422-10M)
Pro-face PFXZGPCB2HR4102 RS422Cable 10m(GP2000H-D422-10M)
Pro-face PFXZGPCBFX11 Direct Cable for Mitsubishi
Pro-face PFXZGPCBH101 Hard cable 10m w/o connecter
Pro-face PFXZGPCBHD101 Hard cable 10m (GP3000H-CBLHD-10M)
Pro-face PFXZGPCBIP43011 Programming Port Cable-Mitsu
Pro-face PFXZGPCBIP43012 Programming Port Cable-Mitsu
Pro-face PFXZGPCBIS03 Cable for Link I/F of Omron 3m.
Pro-face PFXZGPCBIS11 TTY Converter I/F Cable
Pro-face PFXZGPCBIS23011 RS-422 Cable 5m.
Pro-face PFXZGPCBS101 Soft cable 10m w/o connecter
Pro-face PFXZGPCBS23012 RS422 Cable for Multi-Link 5m.
Pro-face PFXZGPCBS31 Soft cable 3m w/o connecter
Pro-face PFXZGPCBS51 Soft cable 5m w/o connecter
Pro-face PFXZGPCBSD51 Soft cable 5m w/ connecter
Pro-face PFXZGPDS3H61 Protection Sheet GP3000H (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZGPDS3H61PC Protection Sheet GP3000H (PC)
Pro-face PFXZGPDS61 Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZGPDS71 Hard Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZGPDS71PC Hard Screen Protection Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZGPDSL1 Cover Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZGPDSL1PC Cover Sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZGPEUCVL1 BUS Conversion Unit
Pro-face PFXZGPEUDV01 DVI Unit for GP3000(GP3000-DVI01)
Pro-face PFXZGPEURG21 RGB unit for GP3000 (GP3000-RGB201)
Pro-face PFXZLTEUALM3LT Ex Module(2 In Temp/1 Out Analog)
Pro-face PFXZLTEUAMM3HT Ex Module(2 In Analog/1 Out Analog)
Pro-face PFXZLTEUAMM6HT Proface Ex Module 4 analog input
Pro-face PFXZLTEUDDI16DT Ex Module (16 Points Input)
Pro-face PFXZLTEUDDI8DT Ex Module (8 Points Input)
Pro-face PFXZLTEUDDO8UT ExModule(8 Out Sink)( EXM-DDO8UT)
Pro-face PFXZPPDSP152 Screen Protection Sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZPSCBUP3 UPS Connection cable unit
Pro-face PFXZPSEUUPB1 UPS Battery unit
Pro-face PFXZPSEUUPB2 UPS battery unit for PS-4600
Pro-face PFXZPSSCAD2 Cfast Adaptor
Pro-face PFXZSTDS41 Screen Protection sheet (PACK)
Pro-face PFXZSTDS41PC Screen Protection sheet (PC)
Pro-face PFXZXMADSA1 LM4B Rear module installation
Pro-face PFXZXMADSM31 Cable with hook
Pro-face PFXZXMADSM51 Cable with hook (5m)
Pro-face PS300-BU00 BACKLIGHT FOR GP230*/GLC2300
Pro-face PS3711A-T41-24V_0016 Industrial Panel Computer
Pro-face PS600-BU00 Back Light for GP2600/PS600
Pro-face PSFAN-KIT_PL931 X931 Power supply-FAN and Plate
Pro-face R_BASE-AGP3750T R-Base board for AGP3750T
Pro-face R_Base-B_AGP3500S-M Coated R-Base board
Pro-face R_BASE-B_AGP3600T R-Base board for AGP3600T
Pro-face R_DISP-B_AGP3500T R-Display board for AGP3500T
Pro-face R_FS_AGP-LT330X Front Sheet for LT330X
Pro-face R_LCD_AGP3302B R-LCD display (Blue) for AGP3302B
Pro-face R_LCD_AGP330XL-M Coated R-LCD display AGP330XL
Pro-face R_MB_for_GP2301LST R-Main board for GP2301
Pro-face R_MB_GLC2600_(AC) R-Main board for GLC2600 (AC)
Pro-face R_MB_GP2500_(DC) R-Main board GP2500
Pro-face R_MB_GP2500S R-Main borad for GP2500S
Pro-face R_MB_GP2501S R-Main board for GP2501S
Pro-face R_MB_GP2501T_(AC) R-Main board for GP2501 (AC)
Pro-face R_MB_GP2600T_(AC) R-Main board for GP2600(AC)
Pro-face R_MB_GP477RE R-Main board for GP477RE
Pro-face R_PB_AGP3400T R-Power board for AGP3400T
Pro-face R_PB_GP230XS R-Power board for GP230XS
Pro-face R_PB_GP230XT R-Power board for GP230XT
Pro-face R_STN_AGP330XS R-STN Display for AGP330XS
Pro-face R_STN_GP2300 R-STN display for GP230XS
Pro-face R_STN_GP2500S STN Display for GP2500S
Pro-face R_TFT_GP2300T R-TFT display for GP230XT
Pro-face R_TP_AGP3400 Touch Panel for XBTGT4000
Pro-face R_TP_AGP3500SL Touch panel for XBTGT5230
Pro-face R_TP_AGP3500T Touch panel for XBTGT53x0
Pro-face R_TP_AGP-LT330X R-Touch panel for AGP330X
Pro-face R_TP_AGP-LT330X Touch Panel for LT330X
Pro-face RAS-B_PS3651A SMART RAS-board for PS3651A-T42
Pro-face RC-AGP3000H (Key) Rear Cover for XBTGH
Pro-face Remote HMI Software Android Pro-face, GP Pro 4.0
Pro-face RG-AGP3000H Rear Grip for AGP3000H
Pro-face RHMI_IPmini4_16G_3G Remote HMI with iPad mini
Pro-face S400-DP55S Power Module for GP377
Pro-face SP5600TPD(PB)(24V) SP5000 + Power Box + Supply
Pro-face ST402-AG41-24V Graphic Display Panel
Pro-face ST402-AG41-24V-RP 3.8 Low Cost Monochrome Amber
Pro-face STN_AGP33HS-LT33S Display Device for AGP3300HS
Pro-face STN_GP2501S STN Display for GP2501S
Pro-face TFT_3400T TFT Display for AGP3400T
Pro-face TFT_AGP36T-GP26T TFT Display AGP36T/GP26T(TMD)
Pro-face TFT_AGP-AST3500 TFT Display AGP3500T (Rev.2)
Pro-face TP_AGP3000H Touch Panel for XBTGH
Pro-face TP_AGP-APL3600T TP3244S5F0
Pro-face TP_AST3300 Touch Panel for AST3300
Pro-face TP_GP2300 Touch Panel for GP2300
Pro-face TP_GP2400 Touch Panel for GP2400
Pro-face TP_GP2500 Touch Panel for GP2500
Pro-face TP_PL5900 Touch Panel for PL591*(Non-Rohs)
Pro-face TP-FRAME_GP2500L Touch Panel frame for GP2500L
Pro-face TP-FRAME_GP2500S Touch Panel Frame for GP2500-SC
Pro-face TP-FRAME_GP25-FP35 Touch Panel frame for
Pro-face UF7820-4 Flat Panel Display
Pro-face USB-CBL-AB15 USB 2.0,TYPE A-B CABLE 15 FT
Pro-face XVGU3SHAG EZ Tower Light tube mounting type
Pro-face XVGU3SWG EZ Tower Light with base mounting type
Pro-face ZC9CBA51-5M Mitsubishi PLC A Cable GP4106 (5m)
Pro-face ZC9CBFX31 GP41xx Cable Link Mitsubishi FX CPU 3m