Brand Model Description
AND AD-4322A MKII Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4325V Weighing Indicator (Vertical type)
AND AD-4328 Weighing Indicator
AND AD4328-01 Parallel BCD Output
AND AD4328-02 Comparator Output
AND AD4328-03 RS-422/485 interface with relay
AND AD4328-04 RS-232C / 20mA /Comparator
AND AD-4329 Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4329A-CT Weighing Indicator Cert.
AND AD4329-02 Comparator
AND AD4388-02 Part weighing Indicator
AND AD-4401 Weighing Indicator
AND AD4401-01 Parallel BCD Output
AND AD4401-03 Serail Output (RS-422/485)
AND AD4401-04 Serial Output (RS-232C/Current Loop)
AND AD4401-07 Analog Output (4-20mA)
AND AD-4402 Multi-Function Weighing Indicator
AND AD4402-01 Parallel BCD Output
AND AD4402-04 Serail Output (RS-232C/Current Loop)
AND AD4402-07 Analog Output
AND AD4402-20 CC-Link Interface
AND AD4402-22 PROFIBUS Interface
AND AD-4403FP Weighing Indicator
AND AD4403-07 Analog Output
AND AD-4404 Multi-Function Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4405 Multi-Function Weighing Indicator
AND AD4405-06 Built-In Printer
AND AD4405-05 RS-232C,Relay and Control Input
AND AD4406-04 Serail Output (RS-232C)
AND AD4406-05 RS-232C,Relay and Control Input
AND AD-4407 Multi-Function Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4408A Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4408C Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4410 Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4531A Weighing Indicator
AND AD4531-07 Analog 4-20mA
AND AD-4532B Weighing Indicator
AND AD-8121B Dot Matrix Compact Printer
AND AD-4401A Weighing Indicator
AND AD4401A-01 Parallel BCD Output
AND AD4401A-03 Serail Output (RS-422/485)
AND AD4401A-04 Serial Output (RS-232C/Current Loop)
AND AD4401A-07 Analog Output (4-20mA)
AND AD4406-07 Analog Output for Indicator
AND AD4326 Loadcell Connector
AND AD-4430R DIN-rail Weighing module with Modbus
AND AD-8118C Universal Printer
AND AD-4541-V/I Ultra-Slim Analog Signal Conditioner
AND AD4401A-23 Ethernet (Modbus-TCP)
AND AD4402-03 Serial Output (RS-422/485)
AND AD-4430A DIN-rail Weighing module with Analog
AND AD-4329A Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4405A Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4406A Weighing Indicator With AC Adaptor
AND AD-4407A Weighing Indicator
AND AD4401-06 Setpoint Unit
AND AD8121-01 Current Loop Cable
AND AD-4530 Weighing Indicator
AND AD-4531B Weighing Indicator
AND AD4530-200 Relay output
AND AD4530-030 RS485
AND AD4530-040 RS-232C Input/output
AND AD4530-007 D/A analog output
AND AD4530-237 Relay output,RS485,D/A analog output
AND AD4530-247 Relay output,RS232C,D/A analog output
AND AD4405-08 RS-232C C.L. Relay Control I/O
AND AD-4430C DIN-rail Weighing module with CC-Link
AND AD-4401A+03 Weighing Indicator with (RS-422/485)
AND AD4405-07 Analog Output (4-20mA)
AND AD4328-10 Display stand
AND AD4329A-01 BCD Output
AND AD4329A-02 Conparator output
AND AD4329A-03 RS-422/-485
AND AD4329A-07 Analog Output (4-20mA)
AND AD4401-10 Stainless steel side panel
AND AD4402-02 Relay Output
AND AD4402-05 Paralle Unit
AND AD4402-21 DeviceNet Interface
AND AD4403-03 RS-422/485
AND AD4403-04 RS-232C/Current Loop
AND AD4405-03 RS-422/485 and Reley
AND AD4406-03 RS-422/485 and Reley
AND AD4406-08 RS-232C C.L. Relay Control I/O
AND AD4406-11 Display Stand
AND AD4407-03 RS-422/485 and Relay
AND AD4407-05 RS232C/Relay and Control Input
AND AD4407-07 Analog Output (4-20mA)
AND AD4407-08 RS-232C C.L. Relay Control I/O
AND AD4410-03 RS485 DIN connector
AND AD4410-04 RS232C DIN connector
AND AD4410-11 Display Stand
AND AD4430B Indicator
AND AD4531-04 RS-232C output
AND AD4531-05 Curent lopp output
AND AD-4530+OP07 Weighing Indicator+D/A analog O/P
AND AD-4531B+OP07 Weighing Indicator+D/A analog O/P
AND AD-4328 Weighing Indicator With AC Adaptor
AND AD-1688 weighing data logger
AND AD4405-10 Panel mounting
AND AD-1653 Density Determination with balances
AND AD-8127 Compact printer for balances
AND AD4401A-06 Setpoint Unit